How to Build Personalized Marketing Chatbots (Gemini vs LoRA)

How to Build Personalized Marketing Chatbots (Gemini vs LoRA)

Come join our upcoming webinar on the transformative power of AI in building personalized marketing chatbots! 

This session will delve into how AI, particularly Google's Gemini and LoRA, is revolutionizing the way we approach customer engagement, making it possible to tailor interactions in real-time to each user’s unique preferences. With AI-driven personalization at the forefront, businesses can significantly improve customer satisfaction, increase sales, and foster loyalty. Expect to witness a live demo and code-share during the webinar, showcasing the practical applications of these technologies.

In this session, we will cover various techniques centered around Large Language Models (LLMs), such as methods to build personalized chatbots, secure LLM-based apps for specialized domains like healthcare, and full-stack AI apps with front-end clouds such as Vercel Next.js paired with powerful back ends like SingleStore.

Date: May 31, 2024
Location: Online Webinar

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