QConf 2024

QConf 2024

QCon San Francisco is a three-day international conference for senior software engineers,architects, and team leaders. It covers relevant software engineering and leadership topics related to my work.Unlike sponsor-led conferences showcasing their technology, QCon San Francisco focuses on emerging software trends and innovations, with all talks by software domain experts. QCon SanFrancisco has been around for 17 years. I see many leading software leaders single out QConfor its practitioner focus, quality talks, and actionable insights.

Here is a direct quote from an attendee:

The speakers and the attendees make QCon stand out from other events. It is very well organized. QCon has a good balance of new tech to look out for along with the discussions around day to day problems that we face as developers

Vipra Ramtekkar , Development Engineer @ING

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